T'sara Vandercross (tsara) wrote,
T'sara Vandercross


So, I'm in CSS now...changed over in jobs. Less money, but longer term with the possibility of being hired.

It makes me think...I'm going to stick with this job for as long as they will let me...but in the end...do I really want to be a CSR all my life?

The easy answer to that is no. I'd want to get more into an IT field. But that means that I have to take more school so that I am well trained and suited for a job that I will enjoy even moreso. Which, I AM doing...but I'm not totally patient. *chuckle*

So then I was thinking a bit more about jobs themselves. I'm kind of glad that I've gotten away from Michael. He makes a horrid project manager and his sexism makes him even less worth working for.

On a totally side note, my parents we in town this past week. It was great to see them. I missed (still do) them dearly. It was nice to see them again. :)

So, there is the smaller stuff for now. Just the random thoughts of one person as he sits in class...
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